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Strider (Master System)

So much was lost in the Master System port of Strider that fans of the game should avoid it entirely. Dull and sluggish gameplay combine with horrible presentation to create one of the worst arcade conversions on the console. Stick with the Genesis port if you want to beat the Master, but if you must go 8-bit, grab the excellent NES game instead.

Genesis Reviews

Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns

Sometimes, a company gets too complacent with its properties, and decides to farm them out. Big mistake. The result is almost never good, as demonstrated by U.S. Gold’s horrible Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns. It took everything the original game did well and buried it up deep, deep in the Earth, and what was released was decidedly un-Strider-like.

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History of: Strider

He is an icon among video game characters and a true fan favorite. Strider Hryu has appeared in four separate adventures, two of which were on the Genesis. His is a story that goes much deeper than most people know, and lucky for them we have a new History of article that tells all about it!

Genesis Reviews


When Sega decided to convert Strider, it was a daunting task. Weighing in at a hefty eight megs, it was the first cart of that size to ever be released on a home console outside of anything Neo Geo. In order to maintain everything that made the coin-op original so popular, Sega had to squeeze every iota of memory they could from the ROM. For all intents and purposes, it was a resounding success, even if the game retailed for about $10 than others at the time (hey, it was 8 megs!).