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Sega Legends: Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna was a racing icon throughout much of the world, even within the video game industry. He was signed by Sega of Japan to endorse its second Super Monaco GP game, but he left more than just his name on the game’s development. He played an integral part in its creation, showing the full potential of what a licensed game could be.

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Super Monaco GP

Before a certain hedgehog took the world by storm, Sega was still relying on its arcade ports. Gamers weren’t taken by the advertising as well as the company would have liked, but the quality of the games was there. Like e Golden Axe, Sega produced a home version of Super Monaco GP that improved on the original with added modes and features. The World Championship mode is enough to keep players occupied for weeks, and there’s some solid arcade racing in there to boot!