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Genesis Reviews

Lawnmower Man, The

The movie The Lawnmower Man was an exciting journey into virtual reality. Unfortunately, the video game versions weren’t as engaging, as it’s quite hard to emulate virtual reality on a 16-bit machine. What we got instead was an adventure composed of different play styles, some which worked better than others. The overall experience was a far cry from virtual reality.

Genesis Reviews

Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers

Looney Tunes games are multiple on the Genesis, and to their credit, they’ve tried to do more than just be Sonic clones with a cool license. This experimentation often resulted in titles that were a bit off the beaten path and too quirky for some gamers. Sylvester and Tweety’s only Genesis outing went overlooked by many and deserves at least a cursory playthrough.

Genesis Reviews


The Genesis has lots of shooters, including many that never made it to all territories. This has given them a special type of charm that makes import buyers eager to get their hands on the next great foreign hit, like Gleylancer or Panorama Cotton. Unfortunately, some, while not as exceptional, are still worth playing for a low price, providing one takes the trouble to track them down.

Sega 32X Reviews

Primal Rage (32X)

Primal Rage capitalized on the digitized, gory brawlers that were popular in the ’90s. It’s got a decent premise and lots of blood, and the gameplay appealed to a decent amount of fighting fans. That being said, was it really necessary to release a 32X version? Did the extra hardware make a difference?