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Genesis Reviews

Power Drive

Rally racing is an underrepresented sub-genre on most consoles, but many people are surprised to know that there are rally games on the Genesis. Power Drive is one of the better examples, presenting a solid package of visuals and gameplay. Fans would do well to give this European import title a try.

Game Gear Reviews

Star Wars

The Star Wars saga explodes onto the Game Gear! Combining platforming action with vehicle stages, the game offers a decent reproduction of the movie. It’s not a perfect game, but the good seems to outweigh the bad, making it a decent addition to any Game Gear owner’s library.

Genesis Reviews

Head-On Soccer

Despite what many people think, there are actually quality soccer games out there that don’t begin with “FIFA.” Case in point: U.S. Gold released a very playable title that featured quick, arcade-like gameplay and an isometric perspective. Though flawed, Head-On Soccer presents a solid alternative for those who don’t want the simulation style found in EA’s series.

Genesis Reviews

Incredible Hulk

Those who have played Radical Entertainment’s awesome Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction probably don’t remember an older game bearing the Incredible title, namely U.S. Gold’s stinker on the Genesis. This little gem exists in a world where the Hulk is hurt by bullets and takes a pill to turn into Bruce Banner, and where a pool of water means certain death. Yes, I’m serious. We were offered the choice of taking the full brunt of a Gamma bomb blast or reviewing The Incredible Hulk, and trust us, the review won by only the slimmest of margins. Read the full article and try to imagine the famous Lonely Man theme playing in the background as your desire to play the game slowly walks off into the sunset.