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History of: Virtua Fighter

Sega changed the fighting game landscape forever with the release of Virtua Fighter, the game many people consider to be crucial to ushering in the 32-bit generation. Sega’s 3D blockbuster also received a very good 32X port, and its sequel was even brought to the Genesis! Yes, this franchise has a long and storied history, and we take a detailed look at it in our complete retrospective.

Genesis Reviews

Virtua Fighter 2

It came out of the blue and gave gamers a quick reminder of what the Genesis was still capable of. Virtua Fighter 2 was truly something no one expect to see on a 16-bit console, but one question remained: how did it measure up? Sega-16 gave it some playtime and has the answers, so read our impressions for what is surely the most unexpected Genesis port ever.