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Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

Sega seemed to have no worries keeping track of the continuity of the Wonder Boy series. As told in our complete retrospective, the games hop around from the original series to the Monster World line without much regard for keeping things clear. The first game to use the “monster” tag was a platformer that bore little resemblance to the action/RPG titles that would follow. Originally released in arcades, Monster Lair (bearing the title Wonder Boy III) came to the Genesis in a fashion that left much to be desired. As ports go – especially Westone ports – this one was especially disappointing.

Genesis Reviews

Wonder Boy in Monster World

Westone’s reinvention of the Wonder Boy series reached a new level of greatness with this excellent action/RPG, and it in turn set the stage for the masterpiece that is Monster World IV. Every self-respecting gamer needs to give this one a play, so check out our review and see why your collection is incomplete without it.

Sega CD Reviews

Dungeon Explorer

Not known for its huge array of RPGs, the Sega CD was practically an afterthought in the minds of gamers by the time Dungeon Explorer was released. By then, the Saturn and Playstation was dominating the press and many games slipped to the cracks into obscurity (see Ristar & Gunstar Heroes ). The fact that DE was a Gauntlet clone and a port of a Turbo Grafx game did little to help it catch the market’s attention, and the game was promptly forgotten.

Genesis Reviews

Monster World IV

Whenever Genesis fans list the import games that should have come to the West, Monster World IV is always at the top. The final game in the Monster World series, it’s arguably the best and one of the most revered action/RPGs on the Genesis. Some way, some how, you MUST play this game if you’re a fan of games overall. It’s just that good.