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Interview: Brenda Huff (CEO of Wisdom Tree)

For years, Wisdom Tree Games has managed to successfully avoid becoming an official licensee for the platforms on which it develops. On both the NES and Genesis, it has released several titles that have had strong sales, giving the company a longevity not common to other unofficial developers. Company leader Brenda Huff recently spoke to Sega-16 about how Wisdom Tree has managed to endure and even carve out its own little corner of the market.

Genesis Reviews

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

So you’ve played through Klax, and you’ve mastered Columns. So now, you’re probably wondering what Genesis puzzle games are left to play. Well, I’ll bet you’d be surprised to learn that Wisdom Tree’s Joshua & the Battle of Jericho is a worthy addition to the list of puzzlers worth picking up. Many people have either never seen or disregarded it, and that’s a shame.

Genesis Reviews

Bible Adventures

How a company could release a game as bad as Bible Adventures and still call themselves Christians is beyond me, but I’m sure they must have repented by now. Our full review has the whole story, but don’t worry. There is no penance required for reading it.

Genesis Reviews

Spiritual Warfare

Wisdom Tree sure had a run during the 8-bit era, releasing several mediocre games that were eventually ported to the Genesis…intact. Yes, games like Spiritual Warfare are perhaps the best justification for not trusting unlicensed wares, and we’ve the review to prove it. I’ll never doubt that Sega Seal of Quality again.