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Interview: Yuzo Koshiro (Composer)

Fans of Revenge of Shinobi and the Streets of Rage series undoubtably point to the soundtracks of the Genesis classics as a big part of what made them so special. In fact, when you think about famous musical scores on Sega’s little black box, one name comes up more than any other: Yuzo Koshiro. He’s been behind some of gaming’s greatest music for over two decades, and he’s still going strong. Sega-16 managed to track him down recently for a quick interview, where he talked about his work on the Genesis and why Streets of Rage fans are going to be sad pandas for quite some time.

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Sega Stars: Yuzo Koshiro

Just about every gamer knows his music. Whether it’s the soundtrack to Streets of Rage or the music to Shenmue, Yuzo Koshiro has been a mainstay of the gaming industry since the late 1980s. He has scored dozens of games, including some you may not even realized were his. A legend among Sega gamers, Koshiro’s skills and talent are among the best in the industry.