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Tech Talk: Connecting a 32X to A Sega CDX

Sega originally planned to allow expansion of their 3-in-1 unit Sega CDX with the 32bit expansion module for the Genesis, Sega 32X, however, they failed to get proper FCC support and approval for such a connection thus they never released the official pass-through connector which would enable a snug and firm connection between CDX and 32X, and they also went so far as to claiming that the two do not work in conjunction at all. This is of course is false, which this guide will prove. CDX and 32X indeed work just fine when connected together, without the need of the cancelled support connector. The connection obviously is not perfect and as stable as it should have been, but it does the job quite nicely. Read on for more details.

What You’ll Need:

Here they are, ladies and gentlemen. Sega CDX, 32X, A/V cable, and the video pass-through cable that goes from CDX to 32X.

Let’s begin!


Lets start off by connecting the video pass-through cable to the CDX’s A/V out port.


 STEP 2:

The other end of the pass-through cable must go to the 32X’s A/V in port.


 STEP 3:

Now would be a good time to insert a cartridge into the 32X’s cart slot.


 STEP 4:

After the cartridge is inserted, we need to take off the bottom plastic spacer from the 32X.


 STEP 5:

We are now ready to carefully insert the 32X in the CDX’s cartridge slot.


OK. Here’s how the combo looks.

Yet another angle of the combo.


A/V cables should be inserted in the back of the 32X’s A/V out port on one end, and to your TV or VCR on the other.


Inserting the controller in controller port 1 of the CDX.

Unfortunately, this is how wide you can open the CD drive door of the CDX, with the 32X in the cart slot. It’s a shame that Sega canned the spacer! 🙁


On to the power supplies. This here is a CDX power supply. Don’t try to use any other with your CDX!

Lets find an empty power outlet for it…

STEP 10:

The power connector goes in the back of the CDX.

STEP 11:

And now the 32X’s power supply. It’s the same as the one you’d use for your Genesis 2, Nomad, or Game Gear.

STEP 12:

Plug in the power connector to the back of the 32X.

STEP 13:

More unnecessary pictures…plug in the power supply into an empty power outlet….Duh! 🙂

STEP: 14

Time to fire it all up and have a looksee!


Job well done! 🙂

Thanks to x56h34.com for the awesome guide!

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