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Sega Bowl: 2009 Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Texas.

Hello, and welcome to the Fiesta Bowl! This is Alex Burr with the Sega-16 Sports Network, as these two classic powerhouse teams square off at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona. The coin toss was won by Ohio State, who is in its home scarlet and grays and has elected to receive. Texas, in its white and orange, kick it off to begin the game, and it is returned to the OSU twenty-seven yard line. Texas intercepted the first play from scrimmage and returned it to Ohio State’s eight yard line. After a fumble on a pitch and an incomplete trick pass, the third down pass to the wide out garners ten yards down to the three yard line. Texas even missed the chip shot field goal from twenty yards out.

So, Ohio State takes over on downs on its own twenty yard line by rule, and its first pass is picked off again by the cornerback! Texas takes over first and ten at the OSU twenty-five yard line. The first down run garners four yards, but the second down option play is plugged up for a six yard loss. A long pass in the end zone is just too long for the receiver. The forty-three yard kick just sneaks over the cross bar, and Texas takes the lead.

OSU’s next drive actually starts with a completed pass that goes for sixteen yards to its own forty-five yard line. After an incomplete pass and a two yard run up the middle, Texas blocked the third down pass and brought a OSU punt. A long return brings it all the way back to the Texas forty-seven yard line. A quick heave goes incomplete, and an option right actually garnered eight yards to bring a third down and two yards to go for the Longhorns.

The third down play is bobbled by about three different people and eventually goes incomplete. Okay, fourth down, and Texas is going for it, Ohio State fumbles out an audible and stuffs the runner for a seven yard loss! Ohio State takes over on downs. 1:19 to go in the first quarter and OSU lines up at midfield, and here’s the play. A fullback inside pitch on first down gets stuffed at the OSU 48 for a loss of two. Second and twelve, and another inside pitch to the running back, and he almost broke it open but gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Third down and twelve yards to go. OSU is in the two back pro set, and QB #14 bombs it down the field… and… IT’S CAUGHT! He’s off, but it looks like he’s going to be caught and dragged down at the three yard line. It’s a gain of forty yards and first and goal for the Buckeyes.

Texas lines up with its goal line set, with nine men in the box. Here comes the patented HB inside pitch, and HB #27 bounces of a tackle, and the corner makes the stop right at the line of scrimmage, if not for a small loss. OSU lines up on the right hash mark, second and goal from the three. And it looks like that’s the end of the first quarter. Texas leads it 3-0, but Ohio State is knocking on the door.

First Quarter Scoring:

Texas: Failed Field Goal attempt from twenty yards out, 4:25 remaining.

Texas: Field Goal attempt successful form forty-three yards out, 3:15 remaining.

Hello, and welcome back to the second quarter of action here from Phoenix, Arizona between Texas and Ohio State. Texas leads but Ohio State is threatening with the ball second and goal from the Texas three yard line. OSU is in the “I” formation, here comes the play. An option… QB #14 looks stuffed and pitches it off, but the Texas corner rips off his block and tackles the back a yard behind the original line of scrimmage.

Here comes crunch time: third and goal, four yards out. OSU lines up in the “I” again. A pitch inside, shakes off a tackler and dives in for the score! Touchdown Buckeyes! They take the lead 6-3. A run from four yards out by HB #27, and OSU is in the lead for the first time today.

And, the extra point is perfect. 7-3 Ohio State, and we’ll be right back after this commercial.

Ha ha ha, Genesis does indeed! Back with the action now, OSU lines up to kick the ball away. He muffs the catch! The ball is free, and OSU nearly has it, but Texas receiver #3 picks it up and tries to move forward for two yards. First down and ten – Texas from its own eleven yard line. Texas is in the pro set – it’s a pitch to the running back. But wait! He‘s gonna throw it! And he’s got it! He breaks a tackle and is finally brought down at the OSU forty-eight yard line. That awakens the Longhorn faithful and brings up a first and ten for Texas at the OSU thirty-nine yard line. Texas lines up in the wishbone with an option… OSU seems to be blitzing the middle, and the Texas back gets the outside, but the OSU corner sees what’s going on and brings him down after a gain of three yards.

Of course, the Texas halfback fumbles! But he gets it back and loses nine yards, bringing up a third down and sixteen. Texas lines up in the shotgun evidently, and the quarterback is back to pass… throws it deep quickly… its tipped and CAUGHT at the five yard line by receiver #22! He’s dragged down by an angry cornerback at the three. First and goal for the Texas Longhorns! A gain of forty-one on the play. Texas lines up in the wishbone and here comes its patented option, but the RB gets caught up at the line.

Texas lines up again in the wishbone, and this time it’s a quick pitch to the fullback. It looks like he is caught behind the line, but he dives quickly and gets the ball near the goal line. Let’s see what the call is. Touchdown! Texas answers right back with a seemingly magical drive! With the extra point, Texas will go up by a field goal. It’s up and good and with 3:08 remaining, and the score is now Texas ten and the Ohio State Buckeyes seven.

The kick is brought back to about the thirty yard line, and OSU lines up on first down. QB #14 back to pass… throws it… and it looks like there is a flag on the play. Sure enough, it’s pass interference on #7 for Texas – a fifteen yard penalty which brings up another first down for OSU. QB #14 back to pass again and throws it all the way across the field to the tight end #89, and he seems to have some room to run but is dragged down near the line of scrimmage. QB back to pass… gets sacked! No, he shakes off the tackle and heaves one up short, and the RB gets it, shakes off a tackle, and gets dragged down for a big loss.

Third down and a mile now, and the Buckeyes line up with their speed receivers in against the dime defense for Texas. QB #14 fakes it deep and throws it short near the side line, and its bobbled and dropped by #89 about four yards short of the first down marker. Fourth down… OSU to punt. #83 is caught and dropped right at the Texas eighteen yard line. What a punt! Good punt coverage too. Well, Texas takes over with about two minutes left in the first half. A pass now, and the quick fade route is caught by #80 for thirty-four yards down to the OSU forty-six.

Another pass now on first and ten, and this one is caught too! The Longhorn passing game is on fire today! This one is caught by #84 for a gain of thirteen and another first down. Here comes Texas again, and it’s in the wishbone, and everyone in this place knows what is coming. This time, a quick streak route garners just seven yards to make it second and three to go. Time is now becoming a factor, with the clock ticking at 1:25 remaining in the first half.

Texas wants to take a timeout to discuss what it’s going to do now. A pro set rollout pass is coming and it’s complete again! I cannot believe how good the Texas passing game is! It’s complete and he’s off! Down to the twenty… the ten… and he’s finally dragged down before he could dive in at the five yard line. First and goal with 1:15 to go. You’d think that they would like to pass again, but we will see. They come out in the “I” formation, and here is another option play, and OSU knows exactly what’s coming. The runner is stuffed back at the seven yard line.

What are they going to try now? Under a minute left, and Texas rolls out the pro set offense again. Here’s the play. Halfback pass again! Is it gonna work… no, he just overthrows the wide open receiver in the back of the end zone. Big play here, and the clock is stopped at forty-two seconds. It’s third down and goal from the seven. Pro set again, but OSU knows and is ready to defend a HB pass again. Texas has been known for the trick plays. Here’s the play, the QB is flushed out of the pocket and finally tosses it to a receiver where it’s broken up.

Here comes the field goal unit, and the twenty-four yard attempt is good. Texas is up by six points with thirty seconds to go in the first half. Here is the kick. Again, it’s bobbled, and the player can hardly recover it for OSU. Finally, he just falls on it back at his own eight yard line. Here comes OSU on offense, and it’s a quick shovel pass which the HB breaks for a gain of twenty-five yards! OSU has life, and they call a time out with twenty-four seconds left. OSU rolls the offense out, and it looks like it’s the same play again! But this time the Texas defense is ready for it and stuffs him at the line. Time out OSU with twenty seconds left.

The QB is back to pass… heaves it up! A huge number of defenders are there to greet him, but did they make too much contact? Yes, there’s the flag. The Texas players are arguing, but the replay shows clearly there was a lot of pushing and shoving, done by the Texas cornerback. The pass interference penalty comes down and it’s first down from the Texas forty-eight yard line with twelve seconds left. You’d think that OSU is going to see how far its QB can throw it, especially with the way the laundry has been flying.

Of course they are going to throw it. It’s a mid range pass for about twenty yards and with seven seconds left, OSU spends their last time out. OSU comes out in the Far set, and it’s a quick pitch to the outside. He’s tackled near the line of scrimmage and with no timeouts remaining, the clock will run out, and the teams will run to the locker rooms at halftime. Here at the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, at the half it’s the Texas Longhorns thirteen and the Ohio State Buckeyes seven.

It’s anybody’s game, so why don’t you come back after this brief message?

Scoring Summary of the Second Quarter:

OSU – Touchdown, four yard run, 4:48 remaining (PAT Successful).

Texas – Touchdown, three yard run, 3:25 remaining (PAT Successful).

Texas – Field Goal Successful, twenty-four yards, 0:32 remaining.

And we are back from halftime here at the University of Phoenix Stadium where the Texas Longhorns are going to receive after kicking off in the first half, they lead it 13-7. The kick is away, and it’s returned to the twenty yard line where they will take over first and ten. The QB drops back, heaves it down field and oh! The receivers bump into each other and it’s incomplete. Gutsy shot by Texas on first down, and I bet we will see something a bit more conservative now so the third down play is more manageable. Sure enough, here comes the wishbone and the play is a quick pitch to the left running back, and he’s off! Across the thirty, cuts back past the forty and is dragged down at the forty-four for a gain of twenty-four and a first down! Boy, that running back sure picks up speed in the open field!

Texas first down now, and it is in the “I.” Here it comes – the QB heaves it up, and he must not have seen the man there because it’s intercepted by the OSU corner #26! The Buckeyes take over with first and ten at their own forty-four yard line. That is sure a momentum changer as the OSU offense hurries on the field with the crowd on its side. The QB rolls back, runs away and is sacked! A six yard loss on the play makes things more interesting here as it’s second and sixteen. OSU comes out in the near set and you’d have to think that it’s excited to get right back at the motivated Texas defenders. Just a simple inside pitch to the FB and he gets only a yard. Surprisingly, the Buckeyes roll out in the “I” formation, but the QB is a fast runner, so I would not be surprised to see a deep heave on third down and long here.

The QB drops way back, throws it with all of his might, and I think it has a bit too much gas on it as he overthrows his speedy receiver. Fourth down, and OSU is on to punt. The punt is away and the returner is in a crowd of Buckeyes but somehow gets away! He’s past the fifty and is down to the OSU forty-two before a man brings him down. Texas comes out first and ten with the old wing “T” formation, and it’s a hand off to the running back for a yard. OSU has a solid defensive line, and it stuffs the run. Here comes the wishbone formation, and it’s a pass! The running back just quite can’t catch up to the ball, and it’s incomplete. Third down now, and they have to be passing it again. It’s caught, but oh! He drops it, bringing up a fourth down and a chance for the Texas punter to pin the Buckeyes within the shadows of their own goalposts. But, he gets too much of it, and it flies out of the back of the end zone.

It’s a defensive struggle so far, and the Buckeyes will have the ball first and ten from the twenty yard line. Here’s the play – it’s a run behind the lineman which garners a solid four yards. Second down and the Buckeyes are going to pitch it to the outside but can’t gain the corner and gets dragged down after a gain of one. Third down now, and the play selection for the Buckeyes is certainly going to be interesting. It’s a pass this time, and the ball is up, but the Texas defenders are there waiting and bat it away from the receiver.

That’ll bring up fourth down, and OSU is on to punt. Surely, today has been a defensive struggle despite each team being known for its offense. The punt is away, the returner gets it and seems to have a burst of speed, but the OSU coverage team bottles him up at the Texas thirty-four yard line where it will be first and ten Longhorns. Texas is in the shotgun, and the QB is back to pass. The tight end is wide open, and he gets it and runs it down to the OSU thirty-two! First down and now the Texas faithful are on their feet, but the OSU fans are sitting on their hands getting nervous and are supporting their Buckeye defense.

First down now, and the QB is back to pass, a crossing pattern evidently, and OSU is ready. Incomplete, which will bring up second down. An option now on second down, and it is close to the first down, but he’s about two yards short. Third down now. A pitch to the short side, and the RB stumbles and can’t quite get his footing and falls over at the line of scrimmage. It’s going to be interesting… the ball is on the twenty-five yard line, and it’ll end up being about one yard short of the earlier field goal. Here comes the Texas kicker and its starting to get loud here. Here’s the kick. It’s up… it’s long enough, and the kicker has done it! It’s good, and that makes it a two score game here as Texas goes up 16-7.

Here comes the kick, and it’s brought out of the end zone. He’s stuffed right at the eighteen yard line. First down again, and the OSU QB is anxious to get back to work. Here’s the play: it’s a HB inside play, and the blocking is good as the back gets about seven yards on the play. Here comes the second down play, but actually it’s the end of the third quarter, and the Texas Longhorns are getting a standing ovation as they lead it, 16-7.

We’ll be right back.

Scoring Summary of the Third Quarter:

Texas – Field goal successful, forty-two yards, twelve seconds remaining

And we are back. OSU will line up in the “I” and pass it. Here comes the tight end down the side line, and he gets it and breaks the tackle! He’s off! But his lack of speed allows the Texas corners to run him down. First down and ten as the OSU faithful are starting to get excited. First and ten from midfield now, and here is the play. It’s another pass, and this one is up the middle for a gain of fourteen. The Buckeye QB is picking apart the secondary this drive as that pass brings them closer and closer to their kickers’ field goal range and the end zone. First down, and OSU tries a little screen pass for four yards which brings up second down. OSU is going to the air again and it’s tipped, tipped again and nearly picked off by #27 for Texas. Here comes an increasingly important third down as time starts to be a factor for OSU, and they need two scores to win the game. Third and six from the thirty one, and they are going to take it inside with the RB. He slips one block and only gets about three yards. What are they going to do now? It’s fourth down and three ,and OSU comes out in the near formation and both crowds are on their feet.

The sound is deafening, and here comes the play. It’s a pass, the QB drops back and throws it up. The man is there, and he has it for a gain of sixteen yards. The OSU faithful breath a collective sigh of relief as their bowl championship dreams cling to life. There is 3:45 remaining, and it’s first and ten for OSU at the Texas eleven yard line. The QB rallies the troops in the “I” formation, and Texas is ready for anything in its 3-4 defense. Here it comes – it’s a pass to the corner of the end zone! It’s up, and there are a lot of white shirts around the one receiver, and it’s batted away.

Second down and ten now, and the play is a pass. It’s a quick cut, and he’s in! Touchdown, and the Buckeye faithful who were made silent by the Texas football squad begins to come out of their slumber. This next drive is very important now pending this extra point. It’s up, and its good with no problems. With three minutes remaining, it’s Texas sixteen and the Ohio State Buckeyes fourteen. Is there going to be an onside kick? Yes, there is, and Texas will take a time out to get its hands team on the field. Okay, here we go. The most exciting play in football. Here’s the kick. It’s kicked right to the big old lineman, and he catches it! He has little speed and just falls down to avoid fumbling the ball. Texas takes over first and ten from its own forty-seven yard line.

Texas comes out in its wishbone offense. The QB rolls back, looks deep, has no one and dumps it off to his running back who gets it and makes a cut and could go! He gets tripped up after a gain of twenty. First down again, and you’d have to believe that Texas has to slow the ball down now. Yup, here’s the “I” and it’s a pitch to the right. The RB cuts back inside and gets three yards, but it keeps that clock churning, and Texas is just going to let the play clock run down to one second for each play. We are inside the 2:30 mark now, and the play goes to the back, and he gets NAILED eight yards behind the line. The OSU team is going nuts on the sidelines. The ball is on the thirty-six yard line, and it’s too far away to kick a field goal. It baffles me as to what Texas is going to do with the ball.

Here comes a big play… third and a mile from the thirty seven yard line. It’s a pass, he’s going deep, and ITS CAUGHT AT THE ONE YARD LINE! Can he push the defender over? No, he’s stopped at the goal line, but that’s pretty much the play of the game so far today, and more time is going to tick off the clock as the OSU defenders look very upset that they allowed the Longhorn offense to bomb one right when they thought they had them where they wanted them. Okay, now there is about ninety seconds to play, and you’d have to assume that the Longhorns are going to just get right behind those big hog mollies up front and push. And the receiver is just inches away from the goal line too. It was a good job of the OSU defender to wrap up his arms so he couldn’t extend his arm across the plane of the goal line!

Here we go, the whole kit and kaboodle lies in this play right here. The QB is stuffed! He tried to go left after the middle proved to be a no go, and he gets nailed back at the three. This could mean something now as OSU has a little breathing room on defense. OSU no doubt will call a time out here with 1:26 remaining. After the time out, it’s Texas second and goal from the OSU three yard line. In the wishbone, it’s a QB keeper and no, he pitches it, and the RB has no one in front of him and takes it to the barn for the touchdown! That outta do now as Texas goes up 22-14 pending the extra point, and it’s a very important extra point. Here it comes, and it’s up and good. So with 1:22 remaining, OSU will need two scores to get back in it. It’s Texas twenty-three and the Ohio State Buckeyes fourteen.

We’ll be right back.

We’re back now, and Texas is lined up to kick it a mile. Here it is. He catches it at the fourteen yard line and brings it up past the thirty to the thirty-two yard line. Here comes OSU, and it’s going to try to move that ball really fast down the field. They have two time outs to work with, and that has to be their mentality as they pitch it left for a one yard loss. Here’s second down now. It’s a pass, and it’s caught out in the flat where he breaks it open! Here comes a Texas corner, and can he shake him? No he can’t and he is dragged down near midfield at the Texas forty-five yard line. He stays in bounds, and it will be interesting to see whether OSU will use one of its remaining time outs. No it won’t, opting to go with the hurry-up offense instead.

Here we go, sixty seconds to go, and it’s starting to get to be crunch time. It’s a quick pass this time up the middle, but the Texas linebacker swats it away. That’ll stop the clock for OSU so it has time to draw up a play. Here comes second down and ten with fifty-six ticks remaining on the clock. Oh, the line fails to protect, and the linemen are right on top of the QB! Before you know it he just heaves it and it’s swatted and nearly intercepted by another lineman. Big third down play here for both sides. It’s getting very loud, and the QB has to scream the play to the guys on other side of the field. Here is the play. Texas is in the dime defense no doubt. Wow, it’s another quick pitch to the inside, and the back takes it for six yards. But we are under fifty seconds remaining, and OSU has to go to the hurry up offense again, but that takes about ten seconds to set up, and it’s now fourth down too!

It’s a quick pass again, but the Texas linebacker is right there to break it up, and that will do it! You have to challenge the play calling near the end there for OSU. Well, there are thirty-five seconds left, and Texas is going to run it right up the middle to keep that clock running. They run it up the middle for two and now they only have to snap the ball once. And a run up the middle will put an end to it! The Texas Longhorns are your 2009 Sega-16 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Champions by the score of 23-14 over the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Be sure to tune in later this week for The Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi here on this and all Sega-16 Sports Networks across your television dial. This is Alex Burr, signing off as Texas wins it 23-14.

Scoring Summary of the Fourth Quarter:

OSU – Touchdown, eleven yard pass, kick successful, 3:00 remaining

Texas – Touchdown, three yard run, kick successful, 1:22 remaining


Overall Scoring by Quarter

1 2 3 4 Final

Texas 3 10 3 7 23

Ohio St. 0 7 0 7 14

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