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Sega-16 Year 08 Retrospective

As we round out another year of coverage, Sega-16 continues to grow and improve. We’ve overcome some great adversity since our founding, and each time we’ve been able to bounce back. The past year has brought little controversy to our little section of the web, something for which we are quite grateful, and this has let us maintain focus on bringing the best Genesis coverage possible.

The last 12 months have seen all of our content restored. It took a bit longer than expected due to the incompatibility between databases, and this required each article to be restored manually. That might not sound like such a big deal until one realizes that there were over 1,200 articles to be restored! Thankfully, all were brought back online, and our readers can now browse once again through our collection of reviews, features, and interviews. Our video content has been moved over to on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check out all the great content available there.

Over the past year, we’ve managed to settle into the WordPress software, which has provided great flexibility and access for uploading and preparing articles. We’re constantly tweaking the design and functions, so what’s seen on the main page now might not look the same (or even be there) a year from now. It’s an ongoing process, and we’re working constantly to make the site as easy and pleasant to use as possible. Our readers have contributed on many different levels, from advice about layout and functionality to actual behind-the-scenes technical assistance. We definitely have the best internet community out there, and our fans have never let us down.

On that note, we would like to personally thank all those who sent in contributions to get the site up and running again. In all, we raised just over $500, and this allowed us to purchase the latest version of vBulletin for the forums, bring our hosting costs up to date, acquire and install WordPress and its themes, renew our domain name for two years and secure the server.  We managed to work out a very equitable hosting plan that will keep Sega-16 secure and running well into the future. The site doesn’t make any money (nor was it ever meant to do so) but takes a great deal of time to maintain and keep chock full of quality content. Donations are always welcome!

Though our content flow has slowed a bit due to that annoying inconvenience called “real life,” we are still updating weekly with lots of great stuff for everyone to enjoy. Some great pieces and interviews are on the way, so stay tuned. We’d like to thank our staff and contributors for making Sega-16 the #1 source of Genesis information in the world. There’s no way we could do this without them.

There is still plenty to be said on the Genesis front, and we’re not going to quit until we’ve said it all. We urge our readers and fans to stick along for the ride. Hey, they’ve been with us this long; why not see this thing through?


  1. I love this site. Been coming to it for I’m not sure how long, a while. Was saddened when everything was down for a while. Keep going and I’ll keep reading! As an older gamer it’s nice to see stuff from my prime living on.

  2. Hi to all the Sega-16 Team and all the Sega-16 members and visitors.

    Personally I have to thank you for all the great work, memories, amazing content and making the Sega Genesis a new machine to go out and purchase again.

    Thank you for this amazing website, we are all reliving the Genesis and it is having a new life again. This is highly encouraging for independent development as well and a awesome tribute to all the designers, artist, musicians and companies that created for the Genesis back in the days.

    I have to also say that I discovered what an amazing machine and game library our beloved Genesis has to offer, and this all thanks to you and everything you are doing to the video game community.

    Thank you so very much and I wish a long life to Sega-16 and it’s team members.


  3. Great read as always! I became a part of this community way back in 2006, and it’s been amazing watching it grow. Ken, I think the design of the site looks fantastic, and hope that everything continues to evolve!

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