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Sega-16 Year 08 Retrospective

As we round out another year of coverage, Sega-16 continues to grow and improve. The past year has brought little controversy to our little section of the web, something for which we are quite grateful, and this has let us maintain focus on bringing the best Genesis coverage possible. Join us as we give our thoughts on the past 12 months.

Features, Retrospectives

Sega-16 Year 06 Retrospective

The 27th of this month marks our sixth anniversary! Think about that for a second… we’ve been talking about the Genesis for more than half a decade already. And to think that we still have so much left to say! While we come up with some more articles for you, take a gander at this year’s retrospective. It hasn’t been as eventful a year as others, but that’s ok. We’re just thankful to be here after all this time.

Features, Retrospectives

Sega-16 Year 05 Retrospective

This Saturday, Sega-16 celebrates its fifth anniversary. After half a decade, we’re not only still here, we’re better than ever. Though the past twelve months haven’t been as eventful as some of the previous years, we’ve still made some great strides, and the site has remained consistent in both the quality and the quantity of its updates. I’ve shared my thoughts on the subject in this year’s retrospective, so please do check it out.