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Creative Genesis: Game Sack Ep. #60

Time for another weekend update!

The guys over at Game Sack are back again with another all-Genesis episode, and this is one our readers are sure to love. For those who haven’t heard of the show or missed the previous entry in our Creative Genesis series (shame on you!), Game Sack is a show devoted to the best games of yesteryear and today, including many you’ve never heard of or played. Coming from a pair of true gaming enthusiasts with a massive collection between them, the series offers some great insight on the different aspects of the hobby each Sunday.

Episode #60 runs through just about every shmup on the console, and if you’ve read our own Shmups Extravaganza, then you know that there are a ton of games in the genre.  As usual, the duo informs and entertains in their trademark style, bringing both knowledge and energy to the discussion about shmups they love and the ones they had never played before, which adds a common touch to the commentary. There are even some Sega CD and 32X titles in there, and it’s always nice to see the add-ons get some love.

As is their style, Joe and Dave have taken footage of the games running on real hardware when possible, which offers a great and authentic experience for viewing what is possibly the strongest area in the Genesis library. If you’ve ever wondered which Genesis shmups you should be adding to your collection, then this episode will provide a great and easy way to see them all in one place. Once done with that, we recommend that gaming fans of all machines and eras head over to their YouTube page and check out the rest of the episodes.


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