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Creative Genesis: Game Sack Ep. #88

We’re back with another weekend update for you!

What would make us take time from playing video games? Why, to report on video games, of course! The fellas over at Game Sack have returned with another Genesis-related  video, and this one concentrates on the 32X. Sega’s little mushroom add-on has been the subject of many controversies, and gamers are mostly against it. That’s not to say that there aren’t any good games to be found. Far from it!

Episode #88 runs through some of the more interesting titles in the 32X library, and those who are still on the fence about getting one should benefit greatly from this handy video guide. Some real gems are featured, like Blackthorne, Tempo, and T-Mek. Even the 32X CD titles are covered! As always, Joe and Dave play all the games on real hardware, so the sounds and visuals are all authentic.

Game Sack is a weekly show featuring Dave White and Sega-16’s own Joe Redifer, where the two cover all kinds of games for all consoles. Combined, they have a massive collection of games, so be sure to check out their YouTube channel for lots of great episodes.


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  1. Gamesack is easily the greatest show on YouTube, no bullshit.

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