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Teasers: New Super Fighter Team Releases!

Coming in 2015 is a pair of Genesis games only previously released or scheduled for release in Asia. Gamtec’s shooter Magic Girl and the unreleased Epyx puzzle game Cascade will soon be available in cartridge form. Super Fighter Team (Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong, Star Odyssey) has obtained the rights to give these titles a western release, and in addition to a full physical treatment of full-color cardboard box, color manual, and cartridge, the games will have bug fixes and full English localization.

Magic Girl is a vertical shooter that seems inspired by Konami’s Twin Bee series. Released only in Taiwan, the game has never seen an official western release until now. Cascade is a space-themed puzzle game that uses dice and has seven levels. It was originally slated to be released only in Japan.

Both will be available sometime next year for $40 (USD) plus shipping.

Magic Girl

It is a harsh reality for Ling Ling, whose heart is filled with sorrow over the suffering of her people. But there is no time for tears, as she must rush to avenge the fallen. Only with your careful guidance will she be able to prevail over the enemy and restore her planet to a semblance of its former peace and prosperity.

 Magic Girl 6 Magic Girl 3


This never before seen game will amuse you with its quirky aliens that welcome you with silly spoken lines such as, “Oh no, a human!” and “May the dice be with you.” It also features a competitive two player mode.

Hey! It takes cunning and quick thinking to blast through each successive level of Cascade! Complete all seven levels and you will be welcomed to the planet Cascadia. But what awaits you there: Fame? Fortune? The game’s production credits? Only one way to find out…

 Teasers-Magic Girl & Cascade 3

For more information or for preorders, check out the Magic Girl and Cascade game sites.

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