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Super Fighter Team’s first puzzler on the Genesis may not have the single-player legs that other classics like Columns and Mean Bean Machine do, but it’s still a enjoyable game to play, especially with a friend. Short but engaging, it’s a decent addition to your Genesis library if you’re looking for some simple fun.

Genesis Reviews

Star Odyssey

Super Fighter Team returns with its third new release for the Genesis! Originally slated for publishing by Sage’s Creation in 1991, Star Odyssey disappeared for two decades. Its release marks the first Japanese Genesis game to be licensed for a modern release, so read on and see if it was worth the wait!

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Preview: Star Odyssey

Almost twenty years ago, the now-defunct Genesis publisher Sage’s Creation announced the localization of a highly anticipated Japanese Genesis RPG. Blue Almanac was slated to arrive in America as the re-christined Star Odyssey, but the company left the industry before the game was released. For two decades, it languished in obscurity, until it was recently rescued by Super Fighter Team. The translation has been cleaned up, game-crashing bugs have been fixed, and now Star Odyssey is finally leaving Japan! We have a full preview of this historic game, which marks the first licensed Japanese title to be released outside of that country in more than fifteen years. Read the article and discover an adventure that is finally making its way westward!