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Creative Genesis: iretrogamer Looks at Decap Attack, Psycho Fox & More!

Any Genesis fan worth his salt has played Decap Attack. It’s an awesome, spooky-themed platformer that’s the perfect title to enjoy during Halloween. It also has a lot in common with a few other titles, like Psycho Fox on the Master System (another underrated gem) and Kid Kool on the NES. All three were originally made by a publisher called Vic Tokai, and Decap Attack  is actually the Westernized version of another game called Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibōken. It shares the same style of gameplay as Psycho Fox and Kid Kool, and some consider the two Sega games to be spiritual sequels to Kid Kool.

The great fellows over at iretrogamer have done a neat little retrospective on the series, and as with all their videos, it’s very professionally done and highly entertaining. Check it out! Also, subscribe to their channel to keep enjoying their great content.


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