Author: Nick Gibson

Sega 32X Reviews

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (32X)

The 32X got little love during its short and painful life, and if it received a port, then you knew it was officially ported to every console under the Sun at the time. NBA Jam Tournament Edition was a game that saw the rounds on machines of all types and power, from the Genesis to the Jaguar. We have a full review of the 32X version for you, so take a gander at the only B-ball game available for your little mushroom.

Features, Sega Gear

Sega Gear: ASCII Fighter Stick SG-6

You’re playing Mortal Kombat 3 or Street Fighter II CE and you just can’t take the controller’s unsuitable D-pad. What’s a gamer to do? Why, get himself a real fighting stick, that’s what! There are plenty of candidates available (as evidenced by our Accessories & Peripheral Guide), so which to choose? There’s the stellar Sega Arcade Stick, but those can be hard to find and are sometimes even pricey. A good alternative is the ASCII Fighter Stick SG-6, which gives you plenty of options to get the best out of your fighting game experience.

Genesis Reviews

Urban Strike

We continue or week-long coverage of Electronic Arts’ Strike games with a review for the final game in the original trilogy, Urban Strike. Taking the franchise to new levels of challenge and action, it was a great way to round out the series on the Genesis, and it set the stage for the next generation of Strike games on the 32-bit platforms.

Genesis Reviews

Jungle Strike

One of the most original and fun group of games to originate on the Genesis was Electronic Arts’ Strike series. Three games were released in total, and the franchise eventually moved on to the next generation consoles. This week, we’re taking a special look at the series, with reviews for both Jungle Strike and Urban Strike, as well as a special retrospective on the entire run of titles.