Author: Nick Gibson

Genesis Reviews

Light Crusader

It’s funny how the debate still rages regarding Light Crusader. Many think it was a prime example of Treasure dropping the ball and consider it a exhibit A when presenting their theories about why the developer is overrated. Others think of it as a mere hiccup in an otherwise steady stream of quality releases by one of the most dependable developers in gaming. Then there are others who simply look at it for what it is: a decent action/RPG. Where do we stand? Read our full write up and see!

Sega 32X Reviews

NFL Quarterback Club (32X)

Thursday marks the opening of the 2006 NFL season, and what better way to celebrate than with a review of NFL Quarterback Club for the 32X? If you’re a football fan, you’ve undoubtedly been awaiting the return of one of America’s most popular sports, and if you’re a 32X owner, you probably need another game to play! Check out the review and see if this is the one for you!

Developer's Den, Features

Developer’s Den: Zyrinx

Today we kick off a new feature series that looks into the history behind some of the Genesis’ most prominent creative teams. The first installment of Developer’s Den takes a look at Zyrinx, the maker of Sub-Terrania and Red Zone, and examines its work and legacy. Read the article and find out what could have been!