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Zero Tolerance

You don’t tend to think of the Genesis whenever the topic of first person shooters comes up. After all, the genre was in its console infancy at the time, and Sega’s old work horse isn’t exactly known for its 3D prowress. Even so, there are a few games here and there, including Accolade’s Zero Tolerance, a title that every Genesis owner should boot up at least once, just to get the gist of how a 3D FPS runs on the console.

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Party Night: Killing Time & Making Memories with Genesis

Tired of Halo LAN parties? Bored with crushing the competition online? Maxed out your World of Warcraft character? Time then, to kick it old school and show your friends how multi-player was when everyone had to be in the same room! The Genesis holds its own in this department, and staff writer Nick Gibson has gone through its multi-player line up to pick out those that are sure to make your pals respect their roots. Read his full report in our latest feature Party Night: Killing Time & Making Memories with Genesis and get ready to break out that multi-tap!

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Side by Side: Doom (32X vs. Saturn)

Sometimes, you really want to like a game, but it does everything in its power to keep that from happening. Case in point: Doom, a game released on about a million systems, arrived on two different Sega consoles in as many years. The problem is that both of them were well… less than what was expected. In fact, we don’t know which one is worse, so we shackled staff writer Nick Gibson to a desk and made him play them both extensively. After much suffering and even more caffeine, he’s given us his results. Read our comparison and see which Doom is the less potent of two poisons.

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Hacks & Homebrews: Top Fighter 2000-MK VIII

Hacks & Homebrews returns today with a look at a fighter that not only surprises, but impresses. Cyclops, Goku, Muhammad Ali (you heard me), Michael Jordan, and even Ryu all battle it out against a few Neo Geo stalwarts. This is no flickering, bug-filled hack job friends. This one actually plays and sounds better than a few released fighters on the Genesis. Read the full article to get all the details.

Genesis Reviews

Doraemon vs. The Dream Thief and the Seven Gozansu

Often called Japan’s Mickey Mouse, Doraemon is an icon of Japanese pop culture that has endured since the late 1970s. He’s made the rounds on just about every console imaginable but unfortunately had one appearance on the Genesis. That’s a shame too, as Doraemon vs. The Dream Thief and the Seven Gozansu is a wonderful, quirky little platformer that most American gamers sadly missed out on.