Author: Sebastian Sponsel

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Hard Drivin’

When you think “racing game,” you tend to think of blinding speed and screeching tires. Few people, if any, would think of loop-de-loops and… cows? Yes, the latter can only bring one racer to mind – that of Atari’s Hard Drivin’, which received a Genesis port by Tengen. Was the game too much for the stock console to handle, or was the old black box capable of reproducing a true driving simulator?

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Hacks & Homebrews: Unofficial Ports

Over the years, many would-be programmers have tinkered with the Genesis in a myriad of ways. Game hacks are common, and today’s scene even has completely new games on the horizon. Along with the common stuff, there are some efforts that deserve closer examination, including some unofficial ports of several games from the SNES (and even one from the Playstation!). Sega-1 6 contributor Sebastian Sponsel takes a closer look at these in the latest installment of Hacks & Homebrews. Read the full article for more information.

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2008 European Mega Drive Championship

It’s been exactly twenty years since the Genesis was officially discontinued, but its rabid fanbase refuses to give up the ghost! In addition to games still being released, fans in Europe have organized a yearly tournament that now includes almost two dozen titles. The Mega Drive Championships are where gamers play for keeps, and this year’s European tournament featured competitors from three different countries. Sega-16 contributor Sebastian Sponsel was there, and he’s shared his experiences with us in great detail. It looks like a good time was had by all, so be sure to read the full article and enjoy your turkey!

Genesis Reviews

Rock ‘N Roll Racing

Rocking and racing are two things that seem to go together well. Think about it: rock music blended with fast paced racing action; how could it go wrong? Well, what if the hardware wasn’t really able to produce the rocking part as it should? Is the solid gameplay of a faithful port enough to make up for it?

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Genesis Around the World: Córdoba, Argentina

When traveling abroad, it’s always fun to search for treasure of the 16-bit kind… that special game that you would never find in your local area, something exotic and wonderfully foreign – the kind of thing that makes game hunting worth all the effort. Sega-16 is dedicated to showing its readers the best places worldwide for buying Genesis goodies, and while it might not require a whip and Fedora, the hunt can be just as much an adventure. The latest installment of Genesis Around the World features one of our readers exploring the hack and pirate coves of Córdoba, Argentina, and he’s got all the details on what you’ll find.