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Genesis Around the World: Neo Japan Games

Far too many gamers are only able to find their Genesis and retro games at the occasional flea market and garage sale. Others are relegated to online purchases from sites like GameGavel and eBay. Those lucky enough to have an actual retro game store nearby quickly become frequent customers, and a little thing like a hundred mile round trip doesn’t stop the true Genesis fan from getting his fix. Extreme mileage and expensive gas were a small price to pay for Sega-16’s editor-in-chief Ken Horowitz, as he finally found a bona fide retro shop on the sunny Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Features, Genesis Around the World

Genesis Around the World: Córdoba, Argentina

When traveling abroad, it’s always fun to search for treasure of the 16-bit kind… that special game that you would never find in your local area, something exotic and wonderfully foreign – the kind of thing that makes game hunting worth all the effort. Sega-16 is dedicated to showing its readers the best places worldwide for buying Genesis goodies, and while it might not require a whip and Fedora, the hunt can be just as much an adventure. The latest installment of Genesis Around the World features one of our readers exploring the hack and pirate coves of Córdoba, Argentina, and he’s got all the details on what you’ll find.