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Hacks & Homebrews: Lion King 2 & 3

Disney’s monster hit The Lion King racked up sales in both movie theaters and game stores. The Genesis adaptation is considered by many to be a classic, and that adulation has motivated some to go as far as to create unofficial sequels. Two such bootlegs found their way to Sega’s 16-bit console, but the question is: are they worth checking out? Most bootlegs aren’t, but these might just surprise you. Read all about them in the newest installment of our Hacks & Homebrews series.

Features, Hacks & Homebrews

Hacks & Homebrews: Fighting Pirates

As time goes by, more and more people are returning to Genesis hardware to hack and probe at existing titles, resulting in some interesting results. Our Hacks & Homebrews series looks at such pieces, and the latest installment examines fighting games, most of which have even been sold as bootleg carts! There’s a suprisingly large number of them on the console, and the article Fighting Pirates features some of the more notable ones. Read the full article and don’t forget your eyepatch!