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Master System Reviews

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery may lack the intensity of other Light Phaser games, like Missile Defense 3D or Rescue Mission, but it’s a decent title that can be entertaining for a while. The high difficulty may chase away younger gamers, but there’s fun to be had here, particularly when played with other people.

Master System Reviews

OutRun (Master System)

Sega’s classic racer zoomed onto the Master System in 1987 in a port that managed to capture the magic of the arcade original, despite the downgrade in hardware. Though outclassed by its Genesis and Saturn siblings, the 8-bit version of the game is still well worth playing, and it shows how well Sega’s arcade titles could transfer to the Master System.

Master System Reviews

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Originally hailed as a rival to Super Mario Bros. Alex Kidd in Miracle spawned a series that extended to the Genesis. Though it wasn’t as popular as Mario, the franchise is still well-regarded among Sega fans who loved its vehicles, colorful levels, and wacky boss battles. With a big heart and an even bigger punch, original game has become a bona fide Sega classic. Jan-ken-pon!