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Master System Reviews


Irem’s brawling hit came home to the Master System without much of a downgrade, and it even supported the console’s neat FM sound feature. An addition well worth tracking down and adding to any library, Vigilante remains a great example of how Sega’s 8-bit machine could deliver arcade hits.

Master System Reviews

Psycho Fox

A late platform release for the Master System, Psycho Fox takes a bunch of good ideas and fumbles about with them, never quite knowing what to do. The game is fun and has some interesting dynamics, but it leaves players with the impression that it could have been so much more.

Arcade Reviews

Golden Axe (Arcade)

Sega’s arcade hack-‘n-slash coin-op spawned a franchise that has lasted for decades and became an instant classic. Released amid a flurry of Double Dragon clones, its fantasy setting and awesome magic effects gave it a strong identity that caused brought in tons of quarters. This is the one that started it all.