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Game Gear Reviews

Columns (Game Gear)

If you’ve only played the Genesis version of Columns, then you need to track down a Game Gear and play the portable edition. It offers different options and a whole other feel to the gameplay that makes it more than just a watered-down port of its 16-bit sibling. It’s one of the best puzzle games on the Game Gear and arguably the best version of Columns overall.

Master System Reviews

Sega Chess

Chess, the game of kings, actually had an official release for the Master System, though it was only in Europe. Though competent, the game pales in comparison to its unlicensed Genesis sibling. Still, if you’re a fan of the game and really need to play an 8-bit version of it, then Sega Chess might be something worth looking into.

Master System Reviews

Chuck Rock (Master System)

Chuck Rock was fun on the Genesis and Sega CD, but the Master System port left a good deal of that charm back in the stone age. Poor visuals and uninspired gameplay make this the low entry on the franchise’s evolutionary scale, and it plays like a real fossil compared to other platformers. Move on to something else before we run out of puns.

Genesis Reviews

King of the Monsters

Companies like Takara brought many Neo Geo ports to the Genesis, including the King of the Monsters series. Though the sequel is better, the original offers some simple fun that’s still worthy of some play. Just be sure to play it first, as its limited monster selection and repetitive gameplay pales next to its successor.