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Game Gear Reviews

Ganbare Gorby!

Sometimes, the weirdest concepts can make for a fun game, and few get weirder than Ganbare Gorby! for the Game Gear. What can one say about a puzzle game where you play as the former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev as he passes out food and items to citizens? Weirdness aside, it’s an entertaining puzzle title worth tracking down.

Master System Reviews

Golden Axe Warrior

Sega gave Master System owners a Zelda-style game set in the Golden Axe universe, and though it’s far from original, it’s a an excellent homage to Nintendo’s 8-bit classic. A large world, good story, and lots of secrets make this often overlooked title one worthy of addition to any Master System library.

Game Gear Reviews

House of Tarot

Tired of playing Sonic or Shinobi? Here’s something different for your Game Gear. Sega released a Tarot reading game in Japan that does creates a pretty good 8-bit representation of fortune-telling with only two buttons. Is there a screen mod in your future? Perhaps a restored battery pack? You’ll have to play to see!

Master System Reviews

Strider (Master System)

So much was lost in the Master System port of Strider that fans of the game should avoid it entirely. Dull and sluggish gameplay combine with horrible presentation to create one of the worst arcade conversions on the console. Stick with the Genesis port if you want to beat the Master, but if you must go 8-bit, grab the excellent NES game instead.

Genesis Reviews

Mike Ditka Power Football

In 1991, Accolade threw its helmet into the Genesis football arena. It was a welcome addition at the time, since there were few options and fans were eager for games. But with the Genesis library filled with Joe Montana and Madden entries, is it still worth playing? Probably not.