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Genesis Reviews

King of the Monsters

Companies like Takara brought many Neo Geo ports to the Genesis, including the King of the Monsters series. Though the sequel is better, the original offers some simple fun that’s still worthy of some play. Just be sure to play it first, as its limited monster selection and repetitive gameplay pales next to its successor.

Game Gear Reviews

Chessmaster, The

The most legendary digital chess game in history came to the Game Gear in 1991, and Nova Logic did a stellar job with the port. Fans of the Game of Kings would do well to give this version a try, as the computer can be quite challenging, and it even features a two-player option!

Genesis Reviews

Robot Battler

On the Mega Drive, Sega began offering downloadable games via its MegaNet service. Robot Battler was among the titles released, but it offered little satisfaction compared to some of the other titles. Today, what novelty it has is gone, and the actual game is perhaps better left as a footnote in the company’s history.

Master System Reviews


There were tons of quality Master System games that never came to North America. Among them was perhaps one of the best platformers on the console. Only released in Europe and Brazil, Astérix is everything you’d expect from an awesome Sega title and then some. Find yourself a copy NOW.

Genesis Reviews

Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

Legendary sci-fi hero Buck Rogers found his way onto the Genesis in 1991 thanks to an Electronic Arts port of the classic Gold Box game, Countdown to Doomsday. A few things were lost in translation, but the game made it over in great form overall. If you’re looking for some old school PC RPG action, then this is one game you’ll definitely want to check out.