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Genesis Reviews

John Madden Football ’93

Football season may be over, but it’s always Sunday on the Genesis! Madden ’93 continued EA’s steady evolution of its gridiron juggernaut with the 1993 installment, and it offers a great time for anyone wanting to play armchair quarterback for a while. Grab some chips and a cold one and get ready for some football!

Game Gear Reviews

Chuck Rock (Game Gear)

Virgin’s lovable caveman belly-flops his way onto the Game Gear, but he’s kind of devolved in the process. Instead of a Cro-Magnon hero, we instead got a Neanderthal who lumbers through dark and silent stages. While the core (no pun intended) of what made the Genesis game is intact, the presentation and gameplay have suffered.

Game Gear Reviews

5-in-1 FunPak

Board games on a game console might not hold much attention when released on their own, but bundled together, they can offer a package worthy of some time. Interplay’s 5-in-1 FunPak takes a few board game staples and puts them on a single Game Gear cartridge, complete with two-player option. Is it enough to hold one’s attention? Read on and see.