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Game Gear Reviews

5-in-1 FunPak

Board games on a game console might not hold much attention when released on their own, but bundled together, they can offer a package worthy of some time. Interplay’s 5-in-1 FunPak takes a few board game staples and puts them on a single Game Gear cartridge, complete with two-player option. Is it enough to hold one’s attention? Read on and see.

Game Gear Reviews

Double Dragon (Game Gear)

A legendary series like Double Dragon deserved better. Virgin Games somehow managed to take a fan favorite and make it almost unplayable. With all the versions out there, the Game Gear port should have been one of the best. Instead, it’s a farmed-out mess of a game. Stick with other versions… any other versions.

Game Gear Reviews

Alien Syndrome (Game Gear)

Sega’s classic Alien Syndrome has been ported to many consoles, but the Game Gear version may just be the best one. New levels, stackable weapons, and great presentation make this one run-‘n-gun worth importing. It’s only single-player, but there’s more than enough action for any alien hunter!

Game Gear Reviews

Taz-Mania (Game Gear)

Taz-Mania on the Genesis was a great game with incredible visuals and solid gameplay. Sadly, the Game Gear version bears little resemblance in quality, and sluggish gameplay ruins what could have been a great port. Fans of the character should stick to the Genesis games instead and avoid this one unless they absolutely need to play every Taz game there is.

Master System Reviews

Champions of Europe

With the popularity of soccer in Europe, it’s not surprising that consoles there saw some releases that never made it to North America. Champions of Europe for the Master System is one example, and judging by the gameplay, perhaps it was better left on the other side of the pond. It’s not great, but it has nothing on excellent releases like Sensible Soccer.