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Master System Reviews

Champions of Europe

With the popularity of soccer in Europe, it’s not surprising that consoles there saw some releases that never made it to North America. Champions of Europe for the Master System is one example, and judging by the gameplay, perhaps it was better left on the other side of the pond. It’s not great, but it has nothing on excellent releases like Sensible Soccer.

Master System Reviews

Sagaia (Master System)

Taito brought its Darius goodness to both the Genesis and the Master System (outside the U.S.), and the latter turned out to be a very good version. It’s lacking in some areas, but the overall essence of the game still shines through. Fans will want to try and catch this fish and give it a play.

Game Gear Reviews

Marble Madness (Game Gear)

Atari’s Marble Madness is an arcade classic that’s been ported to many different systems with varying degrees of success. The lack of the coin-op’s unique trackball controller made many of these versions inferior, but thankfully the Game Gear version is highly playable. It also looks great, making this one of the better versions out there.