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Game Gear Reviews

Streets of Rage (Game Gear)

Streets of Rage on the Genesis is considered a classic. Unfortunately, It’s portable cousin wasn’t able to convey the rage quite as well, and it comes off more as “Alley of the Mildly Annoyed.” While it’s not a terrible game, it lacks the polish of the 16-bit original, and the experience suffers overall. Still, it’s worth playing for the Yuzo Koshiro music alone!

Game Gear Reviews

Paperboy 2 (Game Gear)

Paperboy is an arcade classic that has been on just about every console imaginable. The sequel allowed players to play as a girl and featured stages that moved in different directions. Unfortunately, it lost a lot of its charm on the way to the Game Gear, and you’re probably better off with a digital subscription than waiting on this paperboy.

Game Gear Reviews

Defenders of Oasis

RPG fans looking for some adventure on their Game Gear should give Defenders of Oasis a try. Despite some basic design flaws, it has an interesting quest and a stellar presentation that are worth sinking some hours into. It’s not Phantasy Star, but it has its own charm, and there’s enough here to keep you coming back.

Genesis Reviews


The Bitmap Brothers were known on the Amiga for creating unique styles of game design that meshed original concepts with solid presentation and gameplay. Several of the company’s releases made the jump to the Genesis, including the action/platformer Gods. Was anything lost in translation? Read our full review to find out!

Master System Reviews

Master of Darkness

The classic Castlevania series was the envy of Master System owners everywhere for many years, until Master of Darkness was released in 1992. An excellent game that sported great presentation and gameplay, it never came to the U.S. on the console, but import versions are thankfully inexpensive. This is one to own!