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Saturn Reviews

Resident Evil

Capcom’s survival horror legend tore its way onto the Saturn a year late but brought along some goodies to make up for its tardiness. The new Battle Mode and graphical touches enhanced an already solid game enough to warrant one more trip into the mansion.

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Saturn Bomberman

Hudson’s 32-bit Bomberman remains the defining entry in the franchise and perhaps the best multi-player game on the Saturn. It’s reason enough to own more than one multi-tap and as many controllers as you can find. If you’re looking for the ultimate Saturn party or tournament game, this is it.

Saturn Reviews

Fighters Megamix

Sega took the best of its fighting game efforts and molded them into one of the best brawlers of the 32-bit era (or any, for that matter). A huge cast of characters from Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter, and even Virtua Cop come together to create one incredible battle experience. Have a Saturn? Then simply put, you need this game.

Genesis Reviews

NFL ’98

The final Sega-made football game on the Genesis drops the high price endorsements but maintains the tradition of its predecessors, and it offers a great way to get your 16-bit football fix. Solid gameplay and excellent presentation offer compelling competition to EA’s Madden.