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Saturn Reviews

Magic Knight Rayearth

One of the first games announced for the Saturn ending up being its swan song in North America. U.S. fans waited anxiously for the beautiful action/RPG that never seemed to arrive. In the end, they got a solid title that missed its window to really impress but was still a solid entry in the Saturn’s library.

Master System Reviews

Ys The Vanished Omens

The only Ys released on the Master System was a port of the first game, and while it lacks the advanced features of its CD-ROM cousin, it offers an excellent rendition of the classic action/RPG. Adol’s first adventure is one anyone with Sega’s 8-bit machine should play, and it still holds up, even with its somewhat clunky combat.

Master System Reviews

Golden Axe Warrior

Sega gave Master System owners a Zelda-style game set in the Golden Axe universe, and though it’s far from original, it’s a an excellent homage to Nintendo’s 8-bit classic. A large world, good story, and lots of secrets make this often overlooked title one worthy of addition to any Master System library.

Genesis Reviews


Renovation brought over a ton of games for the Genesis, many of which found their ways onto other consoles. Exile was an action/RPG that was also available on the TuboGrafx-16 CD-ROM (check out our comparison of the two). While it didn’t boast all the bells and whistles of its CD sibling, the Genesis cartridge had some strengths of its own.