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Sega Stars: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

For more than three decades, Hiroshi Kawaguchi has been the creative force behind many of Sega’s most beloved soundtracks. He has written music for all sorts of games, including classics like OutRun, Space Harrier, and After Burner; and he has played many of them live. Join us as we celebrate one of the greatest game composers of all time!

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Hands-On: After Burner Climax (iOS)

Sega’s screaming fighter shmup is back, and this time it’s on your iPhone! Everyone loves After Burner, and Sega’s made the classic franchise portable again. Going from the arcade to consoles and then to the mobile market seems like quite a trek for even a fighter jet to make, and this one sadly loses some of its speed along the way. Some games simply weren’t made for a phone.

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Hands-On: After Burner (NES)

Sega’s adrenaline-soaked fighter game has made an appearance on every single piece of its hardware since the Master System. It was also released on a ton of other consoles, including the NES, and this last machine actually got a competent little port, courtesy of Tengen. Nintendo fans can fly the unfriendly skies too!

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After Burner II

Today, Sega-16 hits another milestone. Our latest review, for After Burner II, is our 600th! What better way to celebrate than by taking a look at the Sega classic? For an early port of such a powerful arcade machine, the Genesis does a pretty good job, and all that’s missing is a flight stick (something Sega remedied with the superb Mission Stick for the Saturn version).

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After Burner III

Nothing is more depressing than seeing a beloved franchise take a hit in the family jewels. Such was the case with After Burner III, a game that ignited its thrusters to make a mach 3 jump from awesome to “just plain sucks.” Take a deep breath, leave your expectations at the door, and head on in to our full review.