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Master System Reviews


Irem’s brawling hit came home to the Master System without much of a downgrade, and it even supported the console’s neat FM sound feature. An addition well worth tracking down and adding to any library, Vigilante remains a great example of how Sega’s 8-bit machine could deliver arcade hits.

Genesis Reviews


It took the better part of an entire decade, but WaterMelon’s massive brawler Paprium has finally arrived. After so long and so many promises, does it live up to expectations? The answer is mixed, but it’s definitely a game that’s worth giving some playtime.

Saturn Reviews

Three Dirty Dwarves

The heroes of SegaSoft’s beat-’em-up were nothing like the dwarves you grew up with! Greg, Taconic, and Corthag starred in a wacky brawler that gave Saturn owners a different take on an established genre. Its quirkiness didn’t always make for a smooth ride, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Master System Reviews

My Hero

A year after its 1985 arcade debut, Sega released a home port of its beat-’em-up My Hero on the Master System. The home version kept things mostly intact, but there really wasn’t that much to preserve. Thin on gameplay and presentation, My Hero fit on a Sega card and probably left a ton of memory to spare.