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Columns (Game Gear)

If you’ve only played the Genesis version of Columns, then you need to track down a Game Gear and play the portable edition. It offers different options and a whole other feel to the gameplay that makes it more than just a watered-down port of its 16-bit sibling. It’s one of the best puzzle games on the Game Gear and arguably the best version of Columns overall.

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Hands-On: Columns Crown (GBA)

Sega’s answer to Tetris never got the level of attention it should have. Games in the series are sparse and spread over many different platforms, and some, like Columns Crown, are about as far off from the original title as possible. They say variety is a good thing, but does that apply to classic puzzle franchises? Read on and see.

Genesis Reviews

Columns III: Revenge of Columns

By the time Columns III was released in America in 1994, Sega had all but lost interest in the franchise, and farmed out its release to Vic Tokai. This was the second time the series had been snubbed by its creator, as Columns II never saw a console release in the U.S. Perhaps it was a fitting end though, as each game failed to live up to the quality established by the arcade original.

Genesis Reviews


Sega answered Nintendo’s Tetris monster with a puzzle game of its own. Though not as popular, Columns proved to be a solid seller, despite some flaws. Is it worth tracking down for your Genesis? Read our review and find out.