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Behind the Design: Disney’s Aladdin

Sega-16 takes a comprehensive look behind the making of a true Genesis classic. We’ve spoken to a dozen people involved at Disney, Sega, and Virgin Games, including programmer David Perry and former Disney Software Producer Patrick Gilmore. We even spoke to people who worked on the film! This is the definitive story of how three major companies united to create a fan-favorite.

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Disney’s Pocahontas

Disney’s stable of characters found a friendly home on the Genesis, and even as the console was in the twilight of its life it managed to produce quality titles that did justice to their source material. Pocahontas is one such example. Though it might not reach the same levels of quality as Aladdin and Castle of Illusion, it’s a solid adventure in its own right.

Genesis Reviews

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Quest

Roar of the Beast was the first of our two-part review of Sunsoft’s Beauty and the Beast games for the Genesis, and we finish things off today with a full review of the other release, Belle’s Quest. An odd pair of platformers, the two play like a single Sunsoft title that was divided in half. We know how the first one is in terms of quality, but is the second part any better? Apparently not…