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Genesis Reviews

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

The popular kids show chugs its way onto the Genesis, and it’s definitely a title made specifically for its demographic. Adults might not find a lot to spend time with here, and honestly, their kids won’t find much to do after spending some time with it. Short and simple, Thomas just runs out of steam too quickly.

Genesis Reviews

Math Blaster: Episode 1

Educational games walk a fine line between teaching and being fun. Often, they spend too much effort on just one of the two, and sometimes they actually manage a decent balance but are hampered by poor control or presentation. Math Blasters is a good example of a title that looks great and is fun, but control issues keep it from going to the head of the class.

Sega CD Reviews

San Diego Zoo Presents: The Animals

The concept of “eductainment” games on consoles never really seemed to make sense. Aside from your Sesame Street kind of fair, there really seems to be no reason for the genre to exist. Still, developers churn them out, and publishers press and release them, so some is obviously buying them. That was probably the philosophy used by Software Toolworks when it released San Diego Zoo Presents: The Animals!. Simple and dull, it’s nothing more than an excuse to throw some full-motion video on a disc and call it “multi-media.”