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Game Gear Reviews

Earthworm Jim (Game Gear)

Finished getting groovy with the Genesis version of Earthworm Jim? Done with the Special Edition on the Sega CD and looking for more? Why not check out the Game Gear version? It may not have all the levels and visual power of its 16-bit cousins, but it’s worth checking out, for a while at least. The princess will thank you for it!

Genesis Reviews

Spot Goes to Hollywood

Licensed games rarely work. Usually, the train wreck software that accompanies a movie is a total failure due to horrible gameplay or just an uninspired cash run banking on the property’s name (hello Transformers movie games!). Sometimes, however, developers get it right. Spot Goes to Hollywood was a game that showed signs that the industry was beginning to understand that justice could be done to marketing gimmicks, and it was successful enough to be released during two hardware generations at once. Though the isometric perspective might put off some gamers, this is definitely a neat little platformer that should definitely be played.

Genesis Reviews

Disney’s The Jungle Book

Virgin Interactive, together with Disney Software, produced some of the most solid platformers on the Genesis, racking up such hits as Aladdin, and The Lion King. One title that flew under the radar of many gamers was The Jungle Book. Some may say that it takes more than a few pages from Aladdin, but they’d have things backwards. Programming guru David Perry stopped work on Jungle Book to tackle the famous game, and he brought a lot of its gameplay elements with him. Unfortunately, it was released afterward and eventually got lost among a wave of quality games that arrived in 1994. Anyone who’s a fan of either of the aformentioned Disney hits should give it a try.

Genesis Reviews

Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game

Double Dragon has been around in one form or another since it exploded onto the arcade scene in 1987, producing innumerable immitators. As time wore on, however, Technos went in all different directions with the franchise, even going so far as to team Billy and Jimmy with the Battletoads! While none of the games released over the years have been particularly bad, some have definitely been lacking. Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game is probably one of the worst offenders, and many consider it to be the dark horse of the franchise. But is it really so bad?