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Lists of Fury: 10 Best Genesis Games with Bad Box Art

Nothing screams “communication breakdown” like bad box art. To have a game be in development for months, sometimes years, and have the end result of so much effort be wrapped in an ugly box tends to give the impression that no one gave a crap anymore by the time distribution came. Too many times this is true. However, there are actually quite a few cases where the game inside the box belies its unattractive shell and is either a decent play or true classic. Come along as Sega-16 takes a look at ten of the best Genesis games to overcome their promotional handicaps and actually make something of themselves.

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Nomad Buyer’s Guide

We hope this handy dandy little guide helps to enlighten you as to what games to get, and which games to avoid on the Sega Nomad. We’ll will be focusing on how these games translate to the Sega Nomad, and there will be a little quip about the game in each description, but not much (that’s what the reviews are for). Must-haves are games that are great games overall, and they translate well to the Nomad.

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Genre Spotlight: Digital Comic Con

When Sega-16 launched, we kicked off our Genesis coverage with a feature on graphic adventures, also known as digital comics. It was incomplete, and we vowed to one day finish it up, but little things like family and jobs got in the way (Pheh…reality). But finally, after all this time, it’s been updated and refined. The genre isn’t a big one when it comes to Sega’s 16-bit console, but what’s there is surprisingly good, and you owe it to yourself to read Digital Comics: A Forgotten Genre to see why these games deserve to be played and enjoyed.