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Fatal Fury 2

One of the perks of owning a Genesis was getting all the big-name SNK fighters for a third of the cost. Among the many releases was Fatal Fury 2, which was quickly gobbled up by demanding fans. Sega-16 has the complete run down on how it held up, so read our review for all the black and blue details.

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Genre Spotlight: Fighter Frenzy

Quite often, people hark on the Genesis’s supposed shortcomings in certain genres. Such was the case with its RPGs, even though there are almost as many as there are shmups. The same situation occurs with its fighting games. Well guess what? Sega-16 decided to sit down and look at every single fighting game there is on the Genesis – all 46 of them – and we’re pretty confident when we say that the genre is quite healthy. Don’t believe us? Read our latest installment of our Genre Spotlight series, the Fighter Frenzy, and see for yourself!

Genesis Reviews


Fighting games are always fun, aren’t they? They should be, shouldn’t they? That would be the case in a perfect world, but reality is a much different story. One big kick in the shin was Electronic Arts’ Shaq Fu, which contributor VinnyT actually summoned up the courage to play. Why, he’s even gone so far as to write a review about it! See? That’s what we’re here for: we play ’em so you don’t have to!

Genesis Reviews

Justice League Task Force

Long before there was Justice League Unlimited, there was the brawler Justice League Task Force. The difference in quality between the two is apparent almost immediately, and you may find yourself wondering how such a cool concept could have ended up so thoroughly mediocre. But hey, at least it’s got Wonder Woman, right?

Genesis Reviews

Samurai Shodown

The early 90s saw a flood of fighting games, and many thought that the Genesis would never be able to accurately port one of the premier Neo Geo franchises when it was announced that Samurai Showdown would see a release. Were they right? Read our full review and see for yourself.