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Incredible Crash Dummies, The

The Incredible Crash Dummies somehow got a toy line and a cartoon show, so of course there had to be a video game tie-in. It’s short and saddled with poor control, not offering much for its license. Though not the worst platforming experience out there, your time would be better spent with any of the better Genesis offerings in the category.

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Incredible Crash Dummies (Game Gear)

Licensed games are often bad, and when they’re little more than a collection of mini games, they can quickly lose whatever charm their license held. Incredible Crash Dummies is a perfect example of a licensed title that offers only brief entertainment and becomes too repetitive too quickly. What’s there is not actually bad; it’s just that there’s just not enough of it.

Genesis Reviews

Robocop 3

Robocop is widely considered by many to be a classic of modern science fiction cinema. Its sequels… not so much. The difference between the original and later installments is night and day, and this contrast also applies to the various video game adaptations released over the years. Everyone loves Data East’s Robocop arcade game, but the sequels are widely reviled, no matter the platform they’re on. One need look little further than Flying Edge’s port of Robocop 3 to see just how bad movie games can be. But hey, at least it’s faithful to its source material!

Genesis Reviews

Spider-Man & the X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge

I love super heroes. As cool as they are, they’re even better when they team up, and any fan worth his/her salt was most likely salivating when Spider-Man/X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge. The prospect of the web slinger teaming up with Marvel’s marvelous mutants for a video game romp seems to be the stuff of dreams. The Genesis had to wait a bit longer for it though, as it came out first on the SNES. How did the Sega version fare?