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Sega CD Reviews

Crime Patrol

The Sega CD has a vast library of FMV games, and while most tend to associate the machine with Digital Pictures, other companies produced titles as well. American Laser Games contributed several games, including the hilariously campy Crime Patrol. It’s goofy FMV action at its best!

Sega 32X Reviews

Slam City with Scotty Pippen (32X)

What do you get when you take the latest multimedia technology and pair it with one of the best basketball players of all time? A complete trainwreck! When people usually think of Scotty Pippen, his rap talents aren’t the first thing to come to mind, and why anyone thought it would be a great idea to have him rap in an 32X FMV game is a puzzle best left to time…

Sega CD Reviews

Night Trap

Considered one of the most controversial games in history, Night Trap earned the wrath of the U.S. Senate and helped usher in the ratings system. All the notoriety aside though, is it actually a good game? Well… no. Awkward gameplay fails to mesh with grainy video, creating an experience that’s ultimately unsatisfying. The 32X version at least had cleaner video, but this release doesn’t even have that going for it.

Sega CD Reviews


A shooter on the Sega CD should be a good thing. Games like Android Assault shows that such a thing is possible. Even adding full-motion video doesn’t equate to a lost cause, as Silpheed proves. It’s not always peanut butter and chocolate though, and a game like Novastorm shows more of what could have been than what is.

Sega CD Reviews

Space Ace

If you haven’t already experienced one of the dozen or so ways to play Space Ace that are already out there, there’s always the Sega CD version. Grainier and in lower resolution than most other versions, it’s probably still the cheapest, and the video quality isn’t really all that bad compared to other Sega CD FMV games. Just don’t expect arcade perfection, and the game can actually be enjoyable.