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Earthworm Jim (Game Gear)

Finished getting groovy with the Genesis version of Earthworm Jim? Done with the Special Edition on the Sega CD and looking for more? Why not check out the Game Gear version? It may not have all the levels and visual power of its 16-bit cousins, but it’s worth checking out, for a while at least. The princess will thank you for it!

Game Gear Reviews

Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe

Most everyone loves the Golden Axe series. The main trilogy is considered sacred by hack-‘n-slash fans, but all cringe when talk of the spin-offs comes up. For some reason, Sega was never able to really capture the same magic (vases) with later outings, and most of what’s out there is better left untouched. Case in point: Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe for the Game Gear. Is it trying to be like Zelda II? If so, we don’t think Link has too much to worry about with this one.

Game Gear Reviews

Chicago Syndicate

Sega’s Eternal Champions is one of the more controversial fighting series out there. Most people tend to either love it or hate it, and the debate only gets stronger as time goes by. The majority during the 16-bit era seems to have been on the side of the game, as Sega made a strong push to promote it and its characters. There was plenty of merchandising, and even some spin-offs, so the franchise was obviously selling. That being said, not everything with the series moniker was quality, as evidenced by the atrocious Game Gear side-scroller Chicago Syndicate, which featured private eye Larcen Tyler. The bland level design is fitting complimented by an awful fighting mechanic, resulting in a game no one ever need play again.