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Game Gear Reviews

Tails’ SkyPatrol

The Game Gear gave Sonic’s sidekick Tails a chance to shine, and he was featured in several different types of games. A Japanese exclusive, Tails’ SkyPatrol was a shooter that’s as short as it is colorful. It may not be a long ride, but what’s there is worth looking into.

Game Gear Reviews

Ristar the Shooting Star

Released late in the lifespan of the Genesis, Ristar went unnoticed and unappreciated in 1995. The Game Gear version received equal treatment, though it was an excellent platformer that managed to retain all the charm and gameplay of its 16-bit sibling. It’s time to give this one the attention it deserves.

Game Gear Reviews

Batman Forever (Game Gear)

The Caped Crusader has long suffered a mixed history when it comes to video games. Some are good, and some are bad. Some, like Batman Forever, are downright horrible. Probe and Acclaim managed to distinguish themselves by making a terrible game across multiple platforms, and the Game Gear version is part of that unfortunate line.