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Master System Reviews

Great Golf

Golf games aren’t for everyone, and fans of the sport know a good game when they see one. As one of the only representations of golf on the Master System, Sega’s entry debuted as part of the “Great” games series. Was it great? Er, no. Read on and find out why.

Genesis Reviews

New 3D Golf Simulation: Waialae no Kiseki

Still looking for another golf title to try out? Tired of the PGA series and any of the multitude of golf games on the Genesis? Here’s one you probably haven’t tried. Be wary though. It hasn’t aged well visually, and the language barrier may push you away. Still, it’s interesting to find that there are still genres offering new experiences to Western Genesis players, even sports like golf.

Genesis Reviews

World Class Leaderboard Golf

The Genesis isn’t wanting for golf games, and there are enough around for the average fan to find one that suits a personal preference. U.S. Gold’s World Class Leaderboard Golf is a decent entry into the genre, but it lacks the presentation that could have put it in the upper tier of console golf games. Still if you’re a fan, it’s worth some playtime.

Genesis Reviews

PGA European Tour

On the Genesis, Electronic Arts developed a reputation for solid golf titles that largely endures to this day. The PGA series has long been its signature series, and the variety within the franchise, while not major, was enough to give golf fans more than a steady diet of titles to enjoy. PGA European Tour continued that trend.