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Sega CD Reviews

RDF: Global Conflict

Just because the Cold War has ended doesn’t mean we still can’t defend U.S. interests through the barrel of a gun! Well, we can in spirit, anyway. Absolute Entertainment’s first-person action title for the Sega CD tires to continue the fight with some mission-based combat, but it falls short in some key areas. Still, it might be worth checking out for those looking for a new disc to spin in their machines.

Genesis Reviews

Toys: Let the Toy Wars Begin!

No matter how old you get, you still have toys. back in 1992, someone thought it would a great idea to turn this love into a movie, and they even got Robin Williams to play the lead role. Of course, as with any big budget license, a video game was a must, so Absolute Entertainment produced one. The movie Toys was a box office flop, and the game? We can safely say that while it wasn’t worse than the film, it wasn’t really much better.

Sega CD Reviews

Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors

In 2006, Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors for Sega CD was finally leaked for public consumption. The much-hyped title only took eleven long years to arrive, having been shelved after publisher Absolute Entertainment went belly up. Despite never seeing a true retail release, it was completely finished (which is why we’re reviewing it) and so begs the question: is it any good? Well, there’s actually more to it than the (in)famous “Bus Ride” segment.