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Sega CD Reviews

Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep

A PC classic comes to the Sega CD in great form! Despite some control adjustments and a large memory footprint, Dungeon Master 2 maintains everything that made it so popular on computers, and it gives Sega CD gamers a chance to dive into perhaps the largest RPGs ever released on the machine. A word to the wise though: bring a Mega Mouse or a six-button controller.

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How do you take an above average CD title and make it bland? Take away the only special things the CD format added! That’s precisely what JVC did with Wolfchild, which lost its cut scenes and CD soundtrack during the transition to cartridge. Left to fend for itself on the strength of only it
s gameplay and visuals, this wolf is looking pretty dire indeed…

Sega CD Reviews

Wonder Dog

Wonder Dog was one of the first games released for the Sega CD, and though it doesn’t really show what the hardware was capable of, it’s a competent platformer. Those who the enjoy furry mascot games of the era will love it, but those looking for something to really show what the Sega CD had to offer should look elsewhere.

Sega CD Reviews

Samurai Shodown (CD)

IPPON! SNK’s Samurai Shodown sliced and diced its way onto just about every console imaginable, and many gamers expected the Sega CD version to be the best one. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. Long load times, a missing character, and an unforgivable bug hamper what is otherwise an excellent port.

Sega CD Reviews

Jaguar XJ220

When you think of the Sega CD, you don’t immediately think of racing games. There aren’t all that many, and not all of what’s available is worth looking into. That’s unfortunate really, because a few, like JVC’s Jaguar XJ220, are quite playable. We have a full review for you, so read up and see if this one’s worth tracking down.