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Wolverine: Adamantium Rage

For more than 30 years, Marvel’s Wolverine has been among comic’s most popular heroes, and as with most popular do-gooders (just ask Batman and Superman), video games has not treated him too kindly. From the NES LJN nightmare to his lackluster outing in Wolverine’s Revenge, it seems that only recently, with the excellent X-Men Origins: Wolverine game, that the industry finally got it right. Somewhere in all that mess lies Wolvie’s only solo Genesis outing, Wolverine: Adamantium Rage, a title that suffers from unintuitive control and some questionable difficulty. Still itchin’ for a scrap after that description? Then read our full review for all the flamin’ details, bub.

Genesis Reviews

Spider-Man & the X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge

I love super heroes. As cool as they are, they’re even better when they team up, and any fan worth his/her salt was most likely salivating when Spider-Man/X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge. The prospect of the web slinger teaming up with Marvel’s marvelous mutants for a video game romp seems to be the stuff of dreams. The Genesis had to wait a bit longer for it though, as it came out first on the SNES. How did the Sega version fare?

Genesis Reviews

Incredible Hulk

Those who have played Radical Entertainment’s awesome Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction probably don’t remember an older game bearing the Incredible title, namely U.S. Gold’s stinker on the Genesis. This little gem exists in a world where the Hulk is hurt by bullets and takes a pill to turn into Bruce Banner, and where a pool of water means certain death. Yes, I’m serious. We were offered the choice of taking the full brunt of a Gamma bomb blast or reviewing The Incredible Hulk, and trust us, the review won by only the slimmest of margins. Read the full article and try to imagine the famous Lonely Man theme playing in the background as your desire to play the game slowly walks off into the sunset.

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Double Take: Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin

Sometimes, a game that doesn’t look like much ends up playing a pivitol role in history. You wouldn’t think that Sega’s Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin would fit that mold, given that it never really seemed to set the world on fire. Underneath it all though, was a concentrated effort to do the character justice and be true to his roots. The result was a game that set a blueprint for future titles, and it remains one of the more faithful super heroes titles of the era. Sega-16 takes a deeper look at the importance of Spider-Man’s Genesis debut in the latest installment of Double Take. Read on, true believer!